"CS-M" MAGNETICALLY Held Control Switch Safety Cover,

Keep the CS-#M in your tool bag as a temporary control switch safety cover while working on projects.
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Immerse yourself in the superior technology of using switchable "MagSwitch" magnets with either the CS-1 or the CS-2 Safety Covers. Specifically designed for situations where space above the Control Switch hinders the conventional CS-1 adapter base installation. The practical and efficient operating system will engross you – just by sliding the pins in, you achieve disengagement from a steel panel. Experience the impressive holding force of 60lbs exerted by each magnet, symbolizing strength and reliability.The embodiment of our cutting-edge technological advancement, this cover can play a pivotal role in your Human Performance Initiative. Elevate your efficiency and push the boundaries of what you believe possible. Intrigued by the magnets? Need more of them? Don't hesitate to reach out to us for additional information. Upgrade your performance with us today - your progress awaits.

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