Sentinel CS 1 Compilation

Our Circuit Breaker Lockout Device Keeps You Covered

Improve your Safety and Security procedures by using our rotary switch safety cover and circuit breaker lockout device to protect, lock out and tag out panel-mounted rotary control switches. You’re in control with the Sentinel CS-1.

Let’s Get You Covered:

Solve Industrial Safety Concerns with the Sentinel CS-1

Durability and versatility are at the forefront with the Sentinel CS-1, our premier control switch cover, which also functions as part of a circuit breaker lockout and tagout procedure.  The CS-1 is made for industrial electrical applications such as power plants, substations, factories and industrial sites where rotary control switches such as those made by Electroswitch, ITI, Shallco, and GE are found.

If you’re tired of being stressed out by poorly improvised safety devices, you’ll want to learn how the Sentinel CS-1 can dramatically improve the safety in your facility.

Sentinel CS-1 Benefits

How Our Safety Cover and Lockout Device Helps Electrical Professionals to Improve Safety Procedures and Alleviate Stress.

When we set out to solve our own electrical safety concerns, we knew we’d have to create something that would be easy to install, adaptable to different applications, and wouldn’t get in the way.  Our control switch cover, the CS-1, may look just like a piece of high impact polycarbonate, but to us, it’s a piece of art!

The CS-1 Provides 3 main functions:


Guards Against Accidental Operation


Acts as a Lockout/Tagout Device


Protects Against Unauthorized Use

We managed to achieve all of this with a control switch cover that is easy to install, easy to remove, and doesn’t block the technician’s view of the control switch.

Sentinel CS-1 Features

Features of Our Control Switch Cover You’ll Love


Clear ABS Construction

The CS-1 is made from high-impact clear ABS. This allows for 180-degree viewing of the control switch position and status LEDs.

Easy to Install

The CS-1 can be easily installed without disturbing your facility! In fact, your employees will not have to remove the switches from the control panel or disturb the switch wiring, and there is absolutely no drilling involved in the installation process. See our installation page for a detailed description of how to properly install the CS-1.

Unique Locking Tab

The CS-1’s locking tab accepts multi-lock hasps or single padlocks. When you install the CS-1 over the switch, you will need to push the locking tab upward in order to insert a lockout device.  This prevents the cover from being removed.

Maximum Compatibility

We built the CS-1 with compatibility in mind. Our control switch cover is compatible with several industry standard control switches, such as those from Electroswitch, GE, ITI, and Shallco. See the full list of compatible switches below.

Custom Control Switch Safety Covers Available

If the control switch found in your facility is not on our list of compatible control switches, rest assured that we can create a custom control switch safety cover for you, usually within a short  turnaround time.

UL Listed

The CS-1 is a “UL” recognized component and can be installed by “UL 508A” panel shops.

Sentinel cs-1 Specs

The Sentinel CS-1 Complete Kit

The Sentinel CS-1 kit comes with everything you’ll need to use the CS-1 as a control switch cover and circuit breaker lockout tagout device.  All you’ll need to bring is a flat-head screwdriver!

The Sentinel CS-1 is compatible with the following products:

1Electroswitch24Manually Operated Switches (including pull to lock)
2Electroswitch74Manually Operated Switch (with spring return and pull-to-lock)
3Electroswitch78Lock Out Relay (manual and electric reset)
4Electroswitch88Control Switch Relay (including turn-to-latch)
5Electroswitch92*Locking Switch Relay
6Electroswitch94Selector Switch Relay
7GE/ITI95Control Switches
8Shallco26Control Switch and Series-76 Lock Out Relay
9General ElectricSB-1Breaker Control and Transfer Switches


*The CS-1 may not fit all Electroswitch Series 92 switches.  Please contact us before ordering.

The Sentinel CS-1 Kit Comes With:

  • Main ABS Switch Cover – made of 3/16” high impact clear ABS
  • Two Piece Adapter Base
    • Top Switch Lock
    • Bottom Switch Lock
  • Extra mounting screws (longer than originals) for installation

Sentinel Cs1 Parts E1572392702764



The Sentinel CS-1 circuit breaker lockout device cover is made from 3/16-inch-thick high impact clear ABS and measures 5.0 inches by 4.25 inches by 3.9 inches.

Sentinel cs-1 Warranty

We Stand By Our Products

We cover our products with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. Our warranty covers repairs due to defective products free of charge; however, our warranty does not cover parts or products damaged from abuse or improper use.  

Sentinel CS-1 Purchase Options

Improve and Streamline Your Safety Procedures with the Sentinel CS-1.

Ready to experience safer facilities and greater peace of mind when working around your relay panels and switchgear? Get your hands on the CS-1 now so you can keep hands off your control switches!  Our Staff will help you double-check compatibility, see if you are eligible for quantity discounts, and walk you through every step of the ordering process.
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