When you install our rotary control switch safety covers, you’re getting more than a protective mechanism against accidental operation.  The Sentinel CS-1 is a complete solution for industrial circuit breaker lockout, tagout, and protection.

Complete Circuit Breaker Safety Solution for Rotary Control Switches

Sentinel Control Products produces the only rotary control switch cover that provides a complete solution for personnel working in power plants, substations, factories, or industrial sites. Our product not only protects rotary control switches from accidental operation, it also provides a lockout and tagout solution, preventing unauthorized use.  No other product on the market fulfills all of these functions.

rotary switch cover
Circuit breaker control switch guard
circuit breaker switch guard

Don’t Settle for Poorly Improvised Switch Covers

No one wants to explain to the plant manager why the control switch in their substation, power plant, or factory was operated by accident.  Neither does anyone working in an industrial electrical facility love worrying about how someone might bump into a control switch or catch their toolbelt on a control switch handle.

In the past, solutions to this problem have been half-baked and have come with big downsides.  Drawing lines on the plant floor can be bypassed, uninstalling pistol grip handles means they might be hard to find in the event of a real emergency, and cardboard taped over a rotary control switch is just downright unprofessional.

Furthermore, other commercial solutions tend to lock you into a feature that you may not really want.  Our rotary switch covers were designed by a systems technical specialist to be feature-agnostic yet simple and functional at the same time.


Key Features


Want to use the CS-1 as a lockout-tagout device?

You can use the CS-1 for lockout-tagout purposes, but you don’t have to.


Want your circuit breaker switch guard to be separate from the pistol grip handle itself?

You can achieve this with our circuit breaker switch guard, the CS-1.


Want to be able to easily see the position of your pistol grip and Indicating lights while your switch guard is in use?

You get 180 degree visibility of the switch position and status of the LEDs with the CS-1.


Want your circuit breaker rotary switch guard to prevent against unauthorized operation as well as accidental operation?

You can with the CS-1!