Rotary Switch Covers

The Sentinel CS-1 is a rotary switch cover created by a systems technical specialist. Sentinel Control Products constructed the CS-1 to easily and safely protect and lock-out or tag-out panel-mounted rotary control switches from unwanted operation.

Our rotary switch covers are compatible with Electroswitch, Shallco, General Electric, and GE/ITI switches. Additionally, if you have a special application, we can also construct a custom lockout switch cover. Contact us for details.

Easy to install, the Sentinel CS-1 is the effective way to lock out and isolate rotary control switches. For more information about our lockout switch cover product, contact us via phone or email.

How To Install The Sentinel CS-1

Sentinel CS-1

SENTINEL CS-1 was specifically designed as a safety cover to protect manual and electrically operated rotary control switches from accidental or unwanted operation. Developed by a systems technical specialist working for a electric utility, the CS-1 resolves an on-going issue on how to safely​ lock-out or tag-out panel mounted rotary control switches used in electric utility or industrial applications.

The SENTINEL CS-1 provides a durable and robust means to lock down and isolate rotary control switches while allowing full visibility of switch position and status LEDs.

  • Add to existing rotary control switches
  • Easily install within a few minutes
  • No drilling required during install
  • No need to remove switch from panel
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Sentinel CS-1 features

CS-1 SENTINEL is supplied as a three-piece kit. Upper and Lower base brackets are mounted between the control switch escutcheon plate and the panel. Simply backing off the existing mounting screws far enough to slip the two mounting base pieces under the plate and then tighten the screws once again. Longer screws are supplied if needed. The base pieces provide the means to securely attach CS-1 over the control switch.

CS-1 has been designed with two mounting positions, 'CENTER' and 'SHIFT-RIGHT'. Most applications will utilize the Center mount. Shift-Right is recommended for use with switches that have a 90-degree Turn-to-Latch position.

After CS-1 has been placed into position over the switch it can be secured by pushing the locking tab upwards and inserting a locking device or tag as needed. The locking tab has been designed to accept a multi-lock type hasp if required.

  • Compatible with Electroswitch
  • Compatible with GE/ITI
  • Compatible with Shallco
  • Compatible with General Electric
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Sentinel CS-1 Specifications

Sentinel CS-1 Complete Kit: Includes safety cover, two-piece adapter base, and mounting screws.
Specialty Covers: Contact Sentinel Control Products for customized control switch safety covers.

SENTINEL CS-1 is compatible with the following products:

Electroswitch Series-24 Manually Operated Switches including Pull-to-Lock
Series-74 Manually Operated Switch with Spring Return and Pull-to-Lock
Series-78 Lock Out Relay - Manual and Electric Reset
Series-88 Control Switch Relay including Turn-to-Latch*
Series-92 Latching Switch Relay
Series-94 Selector Switch Relay
GE / ITI Series-95 Control Switches
Shallco Series-26 Control Switch and Series-76 Lock Out Relay
General Electric SB-1 Breaker Control and Transfer Switches

*Some applications may require use with modified pistol grip handle.

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