Sentinel CS-1 Lockout Switch Cover Specifications

Lock out and isolate control switches with quality safety covers from Sentinel Control Products. When developing our safety covers, we wanted to put durability and versatility at the forefront. Our products are made from high-impact clear polycarbonate. We have provided detailed rotary switch safety cover specifications below.

Sentinel CS-1 Complete Kit

Each complete kit offers three pieces: the main cover and the upper and lower brackets. You also receive extra mounting screws.

Rotary Switch Safety Cover Specifications

We proudly manufacture our products in the USA. Our Sentinel CS-1 product is compatible with:

  • Electroswitch
    • Series-24—Manually Operated Switches (including pull-to-lock)
    • Series-74—Manually Operated Switch (with spring return and pull-to-lock)
    • Series-78—Lock Out Relay (manual and electric reset)
    • Series-88—Control Switch Relay (including turn-to-latch*)
    • Series-92—Latching Switch Relay
    • Series-94—Selector Switch Relay
  • GE/ITI
    • Series-95—Control Switches
  • Shallco
    • Series-26—Control Switch and Series-76 Lock Out Relay
  • General Electric
    • SB-1—Breaker Control and Transfer Switches

*Keep in mind that some applications will require you to use a modified pistol grip handle.

See how the Sentinel CS-1 appears in Position One and Position Two.

Specialty Covers

In addition to the Sentinel CS-1 product, we can manufacture custom control switch safety covers. If you have a special application, contact us for more information regarding custom lockout switch cover specifications.

Product Warranty

We warranty our safety cover products to be defect-free for up to one year from the date you purchase them. During the one-year period, parts that you deem defective will be repaired by us free of charge. The warranty does not cover improper use or abuse of our products.


Please follow the lockout switch cover specifications mentioned in our product brochure carefully.

If you have any questions regarding our products, contact us via phone or email.