Sentinel CS-1 Electrical Switch Safety Cover Overview

Your employees depend on electrical switches to operate your facility’s industrial machinery and power equipment.   However, these switches must be protected from unwanted operation.

Designed by a systems technical specialist, the Sentinel CS-1 control switch safety cover effectively guards manual and electrically operated rotary control switches from unintentional operation. We construct the CS-1 from 3/16” high-impact clear polycarbonate. Specifically developed for industrial and electrical utility applications, the Sentinel CS-1 will safely lock-out or tag-out panel-mounted switches. This durable electrical switch safety cover locks down and isolates switches, and with our clear design, you have full visibility of the switch’s position and status LEDs.

The Sentinel CS-1 complete kit comes with three pieces—the main cover, the lower bracket, and the upper bracket. Additionally, the kit includes extra mounting screws for installation. Our product offers two different mounting positions, center and shift-right. It is compatible with Electroswitch, GE/ITI, Shallco, and General Electric switches. To learn more about our electrical switch safety cover product, view our detailed lists of features and specifications.

There is no drilling required to install the Sentinel CS-1 control switch safety cover. Qualified Employees can install our product in just a few minutes. They will not have to remove the switch from the panel or disturb wiring. You will simply place the brackets in position over the switch and secure them with the locking tab. When installed correctly, our product is UL Listed for use on electrical control panels.

We cover our products with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. Our warranty covers defective product repairs free of charge; however, it does not cover parts or products damaged from abuse or improper use.

Do you have questions about our product? Call or email us at your convenience and we can provide you with more information.