Sentinel CS-1 Control Switch Safety Cover Installation

Our product comes with three parts—the main switch cover, the top switch lock, and the bottom switch lock. In addition to the parts, you will find three 10 x 32 machine screws in your kit. These screws hold the top and bottom switch lock parts in place between your panel and the control switch escutcheon plate.

The first step in the LOTO cover installation process is to remove the control switch handle. To do this, you’ll need a firm grip on the handle, and you should remove the screw that holds the handle. As you are installing the CS-1, be sure you are not turning the control switch in the wrong direction.

Next, remove the mounting screws from the control switch and use the screws we provide in your kit. During this time, you should not tighten the screws. From here, you will place the top and bottom switch locks between the escutcheon plate and the panel. At this point, you can tighten the new mounting screws.  

Finally, install the third part of the kit—the clear main cover. You should slide the bottom of the cover under the bottom switch lock. This ensures the top of the main cover will smoothly go over the top switch lock, testing the alignment of the switch locks.

You should also test the locking tab, as this will prevent the main cover from unlatching when it is locked. You can adjust the bottom switch lock as needed, then tighten the screws a final time.

Replace the control switch handle and you are ready to use the CS-1 control switch cover. Only authorized employees should complete the control switch safety cover installation process.  

If you have any questions regarding our control switch safety cover installation instructions, contact us. We are happy to provide you with more information about the Sentinel CS-1 and proper LOTO cover installation.