Sentinel CS-1 Rotary Control Switch Cover Features

In regard to the Sentinel CS-1 product, we have included a comprehensive list of control switch safety cover features below.

We created the Sentinel CS-1 from durable polycarbonate. When you purchase the Sentinel CS-1 kit, you will receive three parts. The complete kit includes the upper and lower base brackets, the main cover, and extra mounting screws. If you need longer screws for your application, we can also include those with your kit.

When it comes to control switch safety cover features, we wanted to construct our product to be adaptable to your unique application. We manufactured our Sentinel CS-1 product to have two mounting positions: center and shift-right. In most cases, companies will use the center mount; we recommend using the shift-right mount with switches that have a 90-degree turn-to-latch position (for example, the Electroswitch Series-88).

The best part about our product is that you can easily add it to existing rotary control switches. The Sentinel CS-1 is compatible with a few different switches, including Electroswitch, Shallco, General Electric, and GE/ITI. In addition to the information we provide regarding rotary control switch cover features, you should view product specifications to learn more about compatibility.

Furthermore, we designed our product to include a locking tab that accepts multi-lock type hasps if necessary. When you install the CS-1 over the switch, you will need to push the locking tab upward in order to insert a lockout device.

We constructed our product to be easy to install; in fact, your employees will not have to remove the switches from the control panel or disturb wiring. There is absolutely no drilling involved in the installation process. We have a detailed description of proper installation that your authorized employees can review.

All of our products come with a one-year warranty from the day of purchase. If you would like more information regarding rotary control switch cover features, call or email us.